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10 Ideas for sustainable eco friendly gift wrapping

Truth: the amount of waste accumulated throughout the holidays is madness. Between random unwanted gifts, infinite plastic ribbons, boxes inside boxes then wrapped and put in a bag with a snowman…NO. Gift wrapping can be beautifully and tastefully executed without taking an unnecessary toll on the Planet. Plus, it will definitely feel like a more personalized touch to the person receiving it! Here are a few ideas: 1) Pick a newspaper theme: use an old newspaper to wrap your gifts, you might even be able to play with choosing a specific page or article to showcase! Newspaper sheets can also be used in lieu of tissue paper if your gift will be inside a bag. 2) Looking to make that...

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How To Keep Skin Moisturized In Winter: Fight Back This Season and Eliminate Dry, Itchy Skin!

Treating dry winter skin involves more than just what products you choose to use on your skin. Keep reading for tips on how to keep skin moisturized in winter and fight the dryness of the season once and for all!

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