10 Ideas for sustainable eco friendly gift wrapping

Truth: the amount of waste accumulated throughout the holidays is madness. Between random unwanted gifts, infinite plastic ribbons, boxes inside boxes then wrapped and put in a bag with a snowman…NO.
Gift wrapping can be beautifully and tastefully executed without taking an unnecessary toll on the Planet. Plus, it will definitely feel like a more personalized touch to the person receiving it!
Here are a few ideas:
1) Pick a newspaper theme: use an old newspaper to wrap your gifts, you might even be able to play with choosing a specific page or article to showcase! Newspaper sheets can also be used in lieu of tissue paper if your gift will be inside a bag.
2) Looking to make that crumpled paper to fill a box or basket? How about a shredded newspaper? Or draft office paper?
3) Use a beautiful bandana, pashmina or scarf, an old or new t-shirt with a fabric that works for you. This could be a gift wrapped in a gift!4) On the same line of thought, pick a nice basket for the home, or a sturdy storage box. Super useful and not wasteful!
5) Like using boxes because they give that uniform look to your gifts under xmas tree? Start collecting cereal boxes, shoe boxes or other produce boxes. Extra tip: punch 4 holes at the top and use a pretty string or twine to make it into a fun bag.
6) Skip the nylon/plastic ribbons and choose eco friendly alternatives: twine and yarn are sold in so many thicknesses and textures. 
7) Receiving a gift? Try not to tear into it but remove the tape carefully. Fold the paper with care and reuse it!
8) Brown paper bags are made with kraft recycled paper, they’re easy to decorate and fold. Have you seen how gorgeous TJ's bags usually are??
9) Don’t wrap them. Explain your values and laugh about it. That’s eco friendly.
10) Top off your gift and make it look truly special by tying a pretty ornament outside or using something that comes from nature: a pine cone, mistletoe branches, cinnamon sticks, or branches from the various greeneries available in this season! 
Happy eco friendly wrapping. Go, spread the message, and make us proud!

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