6 Things You are Doing That are Irritating Your Skin

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We are now two months into the New Year, which means you’re either well on your way to fulfilling your resolutions, or—for the avid procrastinators—still coming up with your resolutions, in general.

This year, however, I implore you to make a resolution to something that has been there for you through thick and thin:

Your skin!

Like an annoying younger sibling, you irritate your skin with your incessant unhealthy habits and reluctant nature. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time to quit torturing your skin and instead give it some love.

Here are some things you should have stopped doing to your skin last year, but since you didn’t, we are calling them our resolutions for 2019!

1. Using old makeup and tools

Let’s be honest with each other: how often do you really clean your makeup brushes and replace your mascara?

Yeah… that’s what I thought.

If you hold on to your makeup until it dries out, still trying to use it on the daily, you’re not doing your skin any favors.

Also, it may be tough, but just say no to makeup sharing.

There is this little thing called bacteria that likes to get around and if you’re all for sharing your makeup tools (especially unclean ones–just, ew), skin flare-ups are bound to happen.

So, once more for the people in the back: no more sharing dirty makeup tools and using old makeup.

2. Forgetting to moisturize

Forgetting to moisturize (okay, so probably more like being too lazy to moisturize, because how could you just forget to do this?) is truly an epidemic.

As soon as you are out of the shower you should be making a beeline to your medicine cabinet for some juicy moisturizer. Why? Because after that rejuvenating time spent in a hot shower, your body loses its natural moisture, taking only three minutes for your skin to be stripped of its essential oils.

This adds up to one deadly and irritating combination: dry, cracked skin.

You’ll feel it in your face the most, so be sure to snag a natural face moisturizer ASAP. As for the rest of your dry, itchy surfaces, a long-lasting body moisturizer that works from within should do the trick.

Skincare Products




3. Excessive exfoliation

Is it even possible to exfoliate too much? The answer is yes, it definitely is!

Exfoliating helps us get rid of any dead skin cells that may be lurking but do it too often and you’ll just be flat-out irritating your skin. Now, if you are in love with scrubbing beads and they truly spark joy for you as Marie Kondo advises, not to worry. You can still scrub stuff with our scrub stuff; but only two to three times a week!

4. Poorly-timed face masks

Trust me, there’s never a bad time for some self-love and sometimes that love is a nice, relaxing face mask.

However, if you apply your face mask right as you step foot out of the shower, then I’m going to need you take a step right back in because this is a HUGE no-no.

Although most face masks instruct you to apply onto a clean face, they don’t mean take the hottest shower in the world, scrub your face entirely and then slap a face mask on there. Doing so may result in the mask’s chemicals absorbing into your dried-out skin too quickly, which is cause for irritation.

So, try to do your face mask before showering, or skip the BS entirely by using this non-toxic charcoal ginger mask or this all-natural rose oatmeal face mask.

Natural Face Mask

5. Using alcohol-based toners

You want your toner to balance and hydrate your skin, not deprive it of all water, which is what you’re basically doing by using alcohol-based toner.

Without water, dead cells can build up and begin to trap oils and actually increase oil production causing worsening breakouts. So, I understand that in theory, drying out your oily skin makes sense, but there are essential oils that need to stay put in order for your skin to stay healthy and glowing.

Spraying Facial Toner

Invest in a toner that will be kind to your face, like this all-in-one toner and cleanser, made with alcohol-free witch hazel!

6. Falling for unnatural skin products

It’s a timeless tragedy really: falling for the thing that is bad for us and continuing to feed our addiction until it is too late.

Yes, the packaging is shiny and clean, and sure, it smells great, but your love affair with unnatural skin products ends now. Skin products with additives like parabens, fragrances, and dyes can irritate your fragile skin and cause breakouts.

It might sound crazy to think that people actually put such harsh chemicals on their skin on purpose, but you could fall into this category, too! Stop irritating your skin and instead treat it with respect using more all-natural skincare products.

I’ve honestly only scratched the surface of the many irritating things we unknowingly do to our skin every day, but don’t worry!

You’re ready to get back on the right tracks with your skincare routine and stop torturing your poor skin this year. If you’re thinking, “well, where do I start?” the answer is simple. Let the Body Stuff team help!

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