Amazing Secret Santa gift ideas

How's that secret santa gift coming along for you? 

That dreaded moment when the merriest of the reindeers in your office sends out the memo to participate in Secret Santa this year...or when you're dragged to your friend's-friend Naughty Santa party and don't even know where to start.

So: who’s your Secret Santa this year? She will adore these, and He will thank you for it too.  
These gift ideas are good for any skin type, good for the planet, good for your bank account. Check them out!

BODY STUFF has you covered.


  • Day Spa Trio Box - $22 and don't even worry about wrapping itBODY STUFF gift set secret santa
  • Bath Stuff - $24 of bliss and self love. Two scents, men and women love both.

 UNDER $20 


  • Test tubes! - $6-$7 Face masks, facial steams, and bath salts. So creative!
Whatever you choose, as usual try to keep the environment in mind and pick something ethical and ecofriendly. Ditch useless breakable stuff that's just...stuff.
Any tips for a perfect secret santa gift?

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