Are Natural Products Enough To Fight Aging and Wrinkles?

Let's cut to the chase: ANTI-AGE is a BS word and concept. Think about it: how can something realistically "do the opposite of aging"?! So let's be clear on one thing: you're aging, I'm aging, your skin is aging, and that's that. So let's stop fighting and feeling miserable about something so democratic and natural as aging is. You can read more about why our skin is aging on this blog post.


Anti-age is just a bogus word that the cosmetic industry fabricated and inculcated in our minds in the 80s, and it's safe to say we're all grown up and are past that phase. Moving on.

Repeat after me: "ANTI-AGE IS NOT REAL".

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's discuss aging at our very best, in the healthiest and happiest way. :-)


Are Natural Products Enough To Fight Lines and Wrinkles?

The simple answer here is YES!

Although it does require some change of your perspective of things.

Think about it: the skin is the largest and most exposed and absorbing organ of our body. Everything that comes in contact with it gets processed though our system, affecting it. Using chemically filled products is just...WHY?? WHY DO THAT TO YOURSELF??  

Those conventional, big-name brands are full of synthetic ingredients and chemicals that provide no real long-term benefits for the skin, and can in fact, age and damage your skin faster. (Blog post coming soon about how bad chemicals actually are for our skin and how important it is to avoid them).

These products are usually made of various chemicals and synthetic ingredients (sometimes synthetic reproductions of natural Some of these chemicals may even be powerful and effective, get you that "lift" or "botox effect" that you may be craving, but on a long-term game they are actually increasing the probability of developing irritations, allergies, and side effects such as acne, eczema, and an incredibly sensitive skin. Over time these chemicals make your skin so exhausted that it loses glow, tone, and all its natural reproductive elements (like antioxidants, collagen, and retilene) causing apparent early-aging. So yeah...chemical products can cause more harm than good!  

On the other hand, natural oils, butters, and fruit extracts and acids, are full of real ingredients to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Fatti-acids, Vitamins, Omegas, Antioxidants, are just a few of the components you'll be spreading all over your skin when using natural products. This will allow the skin to be nourished, plump, and healthy. Plus, you'll be nourishing your body as well. 

So...sorry, natural products don't reverse the signs of aging. Because that would be absolute BS. But it's also absolutely ok!

Aging doesn't just happen to our skin (duh), and aging-skin is just one of the consequences, but we do see it the most. Aging beautifully to me means treating my body and mind with as much love and respect as I am able to. 

It's a mind shift. Aging is happening, it comes with beautiful surprises, it carries the story of our lives and the wisdom we've accumulated. So:

  • Fuel it correctly,
  • eat well but also eat what makes you happy,
  • eat/drink slowly and enjoy all the flavors and people around you,
  • drink water and herbal infusions,
  • be in tune with its needs,
  • don't use chemically-filled products, especially nowadays when there are so many wonderful alternatives out there.  

Using natural and effective products on your skin along with following the tips from this blog post, will help you age beautifully and leave your skin always looking its radiant best! Don't know where to start? Here are a few amazing products.

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