Seasonal sales. Understand them so you can have an impact on how you spend your money.

Every year Black Friday, Cyber Monday, You-Name-It-Thursday hit small businesses hard and establish a sick discount pattern that affects everyone. Small businesses are starting to challenge this trend. Here's how can you make a difference: be a conscious consumer. Read on! 
Here are 5 facts on how our small business handles massive sale-seasons:
  1.  We are not Target (nothing personal against Target, it's just an example): our products are hand made, one by one. We work hard on each jar, we pay for premium material, our production process doesn’t look like Target’s and it’s a completely different business model. Big box retailers buy at 60%-70%-sometimes 80% discounts from small business like ours specifically so that they can slash costs during sales season without losing money, lure you into the store full of other appealing stuff that’s not on sale aaaaaaand...Gotcha!
  2. We don't run sales, we don't do gimmicks. We price our products fairly 365 days a year and we pour heart/soul into every single one of these products. Do you prefer sales and feeling like you’re in for a “bargain”? Our prices would have to rise significantly and we’d have to be playing this sneaky game all year long. We’re not really into that.
  3. Adding Value - when we want to make you feel extra special we will occasionally add value to your purchase by offering free-shipping or small appreciation-gifts. Don’t think that we don’t love gift-giving as much as you do! ;-) By adding value to the purchase instead of discounting a product I know that you won't feel cheated next time you buy the product at full price only to find out that a sale was about to happen. That's no fun. 
  4. Don’t let business fool you with free shipping! There is no such thing. "Free" is never free. Shipping has high costs: postage, the packing material, and the cost of the person wrapping it. (It takes me 3-8min to put together an order!). So keep that in mind when shopping small.
  5. Keep this in mind: every time you shop with us (or in general with a small business) you are allowing BODY STUFF to grow, hire real people from the community, give back, and educate more consumers about the benefits of shopping from a small business.
So, why skip the Holiday sales frenzy?
What’s in it for you is the feel-good of supporting a real business, with real humans all over it. Treating you fairly is such an important part of the ethos of our company we simply don’t do what traditional marketers do.
We no longer want to threaten our costumers with “Hurry before it expires!” notices, and have them purchase because of a state of anxiety that we’re responsible for.
So when you will see a sale on our end know this:
  • It’s probably because we accidentally made too big of a batch and need to go through it faster than usual
  • We may be trying to discontinue the product
  • We may be about to change up the product and need to get rid of old inventory (old labels, jars, etc)
What do you think about small business adopting these strategies and not conforming to what name-brands do?
Happy HEALTHY holiday sales season to you all!

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