Skincare gift ideas: Dos and Don’ts

Holiday season approaches and shops, pharmacies, and everywhere you turn you start seeing lush gift baskets with all sorts of lotions and colorful bubbly stuff.

We all think skincare is a perfect gift that anyone will appreciate. 
But truthfully, look at your cabinet, or your mom’s cabinet: how many dozens of unopened bottles are around? Probably many. Probably mostly gifts. What a waste! 
I myself have received one too many products I barely ever touched but felt bad about throwing away.
Skincare can be an amazing gift. We all use it (and whoever doesn’t, should start like...yesterday), it can be pretty pricey so one may not splurge on it, and it sends out a positive self-love message.
Is it for everyone or any occasion? Not so sure. Let’s dig deep into some Dos and Don’ts when thinking of gifting skincare products.


  • Due diligence: what it this person’s skin like? No need to ask the direct question…just observe: does it often show blemishes or roses cheeks? Does it shine? Is it clear and doesn’t show any particular sign of stress? Is it a mature aging skin? Buy accordingly.
  • Stick with products that are neutral in scent, many people are sensitive to fragrances and that alone may be a deterrent to not using the product. Note: If a products only contains essential oils, it's a safer bet because the scent evaporates quickly and doesn't stay long on the skin - not to mention the therapeutic effects!
  • Choose an impactful brand. Something with a message or an aesthetic that is unique and speaks to you.
  • Ask! Reach out to the skincare company for advice. If it’s an indie brand they are usually on point and really fast at giving advice. 
  • Gift cards! You cannot go wrong with that, and most company will give you that option. Or choose a really small item, such as a single use face mask, or a travel size product to go with the card.
  • Does this person have allergies? If you don't know, keep the receipt and/or make sure you can at least exchange the item. 


  • First and foremost, if it’s a person dealing with a condition, such as acne or psoriasis, don’t get them every-day products, and don't assume they want your help treating their condition (it could result quite rude actually). So stick with a simple mask or a soap bar. Realistically, they’ll stick to their routine and won’t want to try something new just because it was gifted, because of fear with messing with their condition.
  • Don't assume that this person will have the time and desire to indulge in a treatment that may be messy or too much of a “process”. Be realistic.
  • Don’t think that men don’t appreciate skincare. On the contrary, they often just need a small push and to just have it in their hands in order to use it. 
  • Don’t buy baskets full of low quality items, instead pick a small set of high quality products. Even just one really special product. Quality over quantity is always appreciated!
  • Don’t gift a huge size of a product: it’s better to allow the person to try it first before committing. you might be wasting money and enter that weird dynamic of “I don’t want to trow it away but I’ll let it just sit here for years because it was a gift”.

When in cards with a beautiful card and perhaps a special piece of artisanal candy of sorts can be such a simple and special gesture. 

Have you ever gifted skincare products? Or been gifted inappropriate skincare items? I'd love to hear about your personal experience!

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