Why and how my small business went on a hiatus

I started BODY STUFF because around my 25th birthday I made the switch from clueless to conscious consumer. The more I was conscious, the more it was becoming hard to trust what companies were saying and doing. If you’re reading this email (and thank you, by the way) you’re probably one of those consumers too.
  • I wanted to be the face of a company that would be honest, straightforword, dedicated to educating other consumers like myself, and that put our health and the health of our planet first. 
  • I wanted BODY STUFF to be a company that doesn’t base decisions based on mere $$, but on the true needs of my customers. In my opinion, that is simplicity, effectiveness, and transparency.
  • I dreamed of a company with high values: less waste, more sustainability, giving back, sourcing ingredients from real local people.
Haha…much different. Running a skincare business has been an incredible adventure, with quite the learning curve and obstacles I’m still stumbling upon. If you truly want to learn about your limits and your strengths: start a business. ;-)
Many things didn’t go as planned, other things had to take different directions, but  every single itty-bitty decision has been made with heart, the best of intentions, and probably many sleepless nights. My favorite part of it all? The customers. Meeting them at events, receiving their feedback, watching them fall in love with new products, or loving them so much that you gifted them to friends and family. Customers literally fueled the fire within.
I’ve been on a vary long hiatus..no newsletters, no promotions, no IG posts, etc.
My beautiful life took a very sharp turn as my husband, dog, and I relocated to the north of Italy (but not after taking an adventurous road trip around the US!). Our families are closer now, and we needed a change. It’s been a bumpy road and not easy to figure out how to manage BODY STUFF from afar, I’m not going to lie.
But BODY STUFF is in fact alive and well! I have two strong and wonderful women in NY doing all the manufacturing and packing, and I’m heading to NY as we speak to get the moron running for this busy Holiday season! So stay tuned.
Thank you for sticking with our brand, for being curious and supportive of a small business as we grow and go through hiccup phases. 
  • We promise to focus more on educating consumers as opposed to pushing sales. There's no point in that and it will never work to guarantee a better future for us and the Planet.
  • Especially as we enter the holiday season, a time where brands compete and go above and beyond to get your attention and money, we vow to integrity and continue make decisions the put your health and the planet’s wellbeing first. 
  • We will always proudly be transparent in sharing our business' journey, the ups and downs, because we are humans and the business will always reflect our physiological fluctuations in life.
Thank you for reading this email, you are truly wonderful.

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