Why You Should Exfoliate Your Skin

Why and How You Should Exfoliate Your Skin & Other Questions Answered!

Have you ever gone for a facial, walked out with glowing skin and wondered why you can’t achieve the same glowing results yourself at home? You aren’t alone!

Many people believe that you need a million steps to achieve the same results from the salon, but what may surprise you is that glowing skin ultimately comes down to one simple step in the six or seven step process that full facials entail.

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What is exfoliation and how can it benefit my skin?

Exfoliation is an ESSENTIAL STEP in taking care of your skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. No way around it.

It involves the removal of old, dead skin cells that may have built up on the skin, resulting in clogged pores and dull, dry skin. Literally: dead skin lingers on and gives you a grayish tone!

Our bodies shed skin cells on a daily basis, that's just the nature of skin: it keeps regenerating. Sometimes, when too many cells are trying to shed at once, they can cause a build up on the skin and may need a little help to complete the process. This is where exfoliation comes in:

  • Exfoliation is cleansing because it helps to remove these old skin cells, which has some excellent benefits for the skin!
  • Exfoliation helps to boost blood circulation, which in turn helps to boost collagen production for plumper, more youthful skin.
  • Exfoliation also helps to unclog your pores, therefore reducing and preventing breakouts for clear, healthy skin.
  • Exfoliation ensures better absorption of your skin care products, so that all those nutrients can sink deep into your pores and target all your skin care concerns.

The end result is a glowing, smooth and more youthful complexion!

Can I over-exfoliate?

Yes, it's a thing.

When you start to see the amazing results from a regular exfoliation, you may be tempted to exfoliate on the daily, but the truth is that you absolutely can over-exfoliate your skin. If you exfoliate too often you may aggravate your skin, resulting in dry, red, irritated skin, with an increased risk for broken blood vessels.

How often should I exfoliate?

Once or twice a week is best, when you take that longer shower ;-). Be sure to choose a product that won’t scratch your skin! Gently massage your skin in small circular motions, using the fingers for a more delicate touch and the palm for a more intense scrub-down. A good product doesn't require harsh movements, so a gentle massage to activate the circulation will do.

How do I choose the right exfoliant?


  • gentle and soft cleansing grains - we love oatmeal, rice, thinly ground coffee or powdered nut shells
  • light oils that balance and nourish the skin - we love jojoba, apricot, grapeseed and rosehip
  • a list of ingredients that you recognize and makes you feel safe
  • a gentle product, without fragrances. Even essential oils are unnecessary in this phase!


  • Large grains such as coarse sugar and salt can cause micro cuts to the skin that can irritate your skin, leave it exposed, and in time will expedite the effects of aging. Your feet might be able to take them, but definitely not your face. 
  • Read your labels! Better to DIY a safe exfoliant at home than to pick a product that will damage it. You can read some safe DIY ideas here. 
  • Most scrubs out there have an infinite list of chemicals, soap-agents, and fragrances that will damage your skin by stripping away oils and causing an imbalance in the natural PH of the skin. You may feel cleansed and the skin may feel tight at first, but the cells are freaking out and over producing oils, which starts the marry-go-round all over. 

Our Natural Face and Exfoliating Body Scrub is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to soothing ingredients that will provide a deep down scrub without irritating your skin. Ingredients like brown sugar, oatmeal and coffee work together to slough away dead skin cells, stimulate cell turnover and reduce cellulite and dark circles, while coconut oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E keep the skin perfectly hydrated and protected against free radicals.

Scrub stuff by body stuff coffee oatmeal scrub for skincare

If your skin has been feeling a little blah, then it may be time to get scrubbing. Add this simple step into your routine and all your skin care woes will melt away, literally!




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