Cleansing Artisanal Soap Trio
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Artisanal Soap Trio
Artisanal Soap Trio
Artisanal Soap Trio
Artisanal Soap Trio

Artisanal Soap Trio

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A beautifully wrapped ensemble of our three cleansing soaps.

    • Cedar Wood Clove: antibacterial and exfoliating
    • Honey Oatmeal: gentle and calming, scent free
    • French Clay Geranium: smooth and detoxifying
  • Smooth artisanal soaps for all skin types made with a creamy blend of oils and spices.
  • They are wonderful substitute to the chemically-filled liquid soap. 
  • Your skin will feel soft, moisturized and clean, without that "squeaky-dry" feeling that regular soap bars leave.
  • Featuring energizing blends of essential oils and spices, they are very delicate and for any skin type.
  • Use them safely everywhere, body or face.
  • Fragrant-free, chemical-free, biodegradable.
  • Another sustainable feature: each soap is hand-wrapped in recycled book pages. You'll never know which full page of an iconic novel/fable/recipe you may receive!


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil (certified by Palm Done Right as sustainably sourced in Equador), Essential Oils, Spices
We can decorate, wrap, and customize these for your events. Contact us for more details and bulk pricing!