These are the creators, makers, and dreamers behind BODY STUFF. 

Organic Skin & Face Care Company      
Founder, formulator, designer, marketing nerd, strategizer, she is the ultimate leaper and decision-maker. As a master of DIY, only if she's tried and not succeeded to perfection will she reach out for expert help. Or she will become the expert help. :)
All Natural Skin Care Products for Sale
Chief of any BS and head motivator. Anything that involves numbers, a contract, a spreadsheet, or an application to something will go through him. He's a get 'er don'er, extreme motivator, and a tireless researcher.
Non-Toxic Skin Care Product Specialists
Master of wholesale, expert in sustainability, non-toxic skincare nerd. She was BODY STUFF's first super fan and we simply had to ask her to come on board. You'll see her behind our booth from time to time getting people excited about us, or around the globe as she's a traveling force this one.
The first tester of any new product, this superwoman is a full time nurse, a part time dog sitter and jaw-dropping style. She is also our most trusted consultant, the best person to brainstorm with, a problem solver and our crisis management go-to person.
A crazy-talented singer, actress, outdoors fairy, and you name it. After traveling around the world with the circus (yup) we snatched her so she could infuse with her infinite sweetness, positive energy and joy each box of BODY STUFF coming your way. Chief of fulfillment, and apprentice for our herbal blends.
The funniest of us all. Chief of Keeping-Us-Sane, surrounds us with love, protects us from evil, serves as an "occasional" distraction. He gets us outdoors at least four times a day, for a fresher more creative mind. Hates squirrels and skateboards. Loves peanut butter and swimming.
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