SUSTAINABILITY - A promise and an ongoing effort

We couldn't even think about creating a company without focusing our efforts towards sustainability. For your routine, your sanity and your skin. Most importantly for the Planet, our kind host.
Here's how we do it.

Eco-Friendly Skincare Products for Sale

What makes BODY STUFF a "sustainable" company?

  •  LESS IS MORE. By formulating highly efficient and multifunctional products, you can feel safe using and buying less "stuff". It makes it easier for you to keep track of what goes on your body, and by buying less you are also using fewer disposable containers reducing significantly the packaging that ends up in landfills.
  • NO CHEMICALS. We use only pure and raw ingredients. We stay clear of anything that had to be synthetically and chemically produced, including the natural preservatives and other plant-based ingredients that we use to keep our products naturally stable and efficient.
  • LOCAL SOURCING. We do our best to get to know the source of each of our ingredients. This has led us to always improve and change our suppliers when we found someone closer, or that had higher standards and excellent certifications. All ingredients that we have found produced in the US, are sourced locally. Colorado, Oregon, California, Florida, New York, Vermont, are just a few of the states that produce our ingredients! 
  • NO PLASTIC PLEASE AND THANK YOU. We religiously choose glass containers over plastic. It may weigh more while shipping and you have to be a little more careful of not dropping the jars, but glass is infinitely reusable, non-polluting, and nontoxic to the products contained in it and environment.
  • ZERO WASTE mindset. We try our best to reuse, up-cycle, and recycle every material that gets sent to us (if you ever receive plastic bubble wrap is because someone sent it to us in the first place!). As we discover new ways to be zero waste we try and implement them to be as respectful of the environment as we know how to. You should do it too!
  • PLANT BASED INKS. We print our labels through a Ohio-based company that only uses plant based inks and plants a tree for each order received, for a total of over 10,000 trees to date! 

We are far from perfect and we are well aware that just by producing a product, we are "polluting" the environment because we are putting on the market something that wasn't there in the first place. On top of that, we are a small business and many decisions that were made at the beginning, with little to no experience and guidance, still affect our business today.

Here are a few things to look forward to that we'd like to improve:

  • 100% PLASTIC FREE. Although our lids and lip balm container are made in plastic (80% post-consumer plastic - but still), we are planning on switching to aluminum and other compostable materials.
  • RECYCLING PROGRAM. It is a B**CH to put together, but we'd love to collect the jars and bottles that you've already used and fill them with new product! Look for it in the Spring of 2019 (why so far away? write us, we can chat)
  • SELL AT REFILLERIES. We'd love to collaborate with zero waste shops that have refill stations. 
  • BUY MORE INGREDIENTS LOCALLY. Personally get to know the farmers and faces behind each ingredient. Source from micro-economy farms and have more control over each single ingredient. This goal requires patience, traveling, time, and much higher volume sales. We'll get there!
  • GIVE BACK. In order to establish a "giving back program" and donate a percentage of our profits to the non for profit organizations we have in mind we need to first crank up our volumes of sales (***insert boring tax/numbers talk here***) but when we do, it will be a magical partnership.