BODY STUFF is a NO BS skincare line born in Brooklyn in 2015. 

Organic Skincare Product Line

Born and raised in the Italian countryside, Ilaria and Guido moved to New York to pursue their entrepreneurial, and artistic dreams. After the first wrinkle (ahem) appeared, Ilaria went on a hunt for a product she could trust AND afford. Needless to say, that's why BODY STUFF was born.

All-Natural Body Cleansing Products

As a true Italian, Ilaria was never afraid to experiment in the kitchen, so she started with what she had in her fridge and pantry, realizing quickly that everything the skin needed already existed in nature. Friends and family fell in love with her concoctions and after the Italian aunt started selling a handmade face cream (made with Ilaria's recipe!) to a few Italian friends, Ilaria was in business. 

Ilaria and Guido of BODY STUFF

To quote Ilaria: "BODY STUFF was born as a mean to voice my fed-upness with the greenwashing and the BS surrounding the skincare industry, while serving as my creative outlet, too. My vision grew to creating a whole NO BS-lifestyle brand, that unveils the truth, and destroys the myths carried on by the beauty industry, for a happier, fuller, simpler life".

Originally made out of her apartment, Ilaria started renting kitchen spaces in Brooklyn and with the help of wonderful and willing friends she was able to make  a bit bigger, better batches of products. As life evolved, so has the business, launching all operational activities from Upstate NY as of Spring 2018, while Ilaria and Guido travel across the US and Europe and oversee everything through their laptops. What a great and fascinating world we live in!

BODY STUFF's refreshing philosophy is to simplify the beauty routine with fewer, better, multifunctional products that are natural, nontoxic, and just awesome. We offer the basics: moisturizers, scrubs, toner/cleanser, lip balms, bath salts, massage candles, soaps, that are handmade, fresh, unisex, and good lookin'.