Where are these products manufactured?
We manufacture all of our products either in a studio in Downtown Brooklyn, NY, or at a kitchen space in Bushwick (also Brooklyn). 

We are currently moving our manufacturing Upstate NY! So stay tuned!

How are you a sustainable company?

You can read all about it in our sustainability page. In short: every choice we make, as a business, is made by keeping our environmental impact first. That said, we aren't perfect and we don't claim to be (NO BS, remember?). But we want to be fully transparent and aware of our choices.

Are your products Vegan?
Although we are not a fully vegan line, most of our products are! Tone N Clean Stuff, all Bath Stuff, Scrub Stuff, our MasksCandles and Soaps are 100% vegan.
Our moisturizers and lip balms are not, because they contain beeswax. We do love our bees, SO MUCH which is why we select our source of wax with a lot of love and care. 
(vegan friends: request the beeswax-free formula and we will happily customize it for you)
All other ingredients are 100% plant, nut, and fruit based, and we obviously only use cruelty free stuff.

Can you make them VEGAN?
Absolutely. Contact us and we will customize your order to ensure 100% vegan ingredients.

What about allergens?
Ingredients are all listed in each product’s description.
SKIN STUFF and FACE STUFF, i.e. contain almond oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil (which uses soybean oil as a carrier). So if you are allergic, avoid using these products. 
We try really hard to not cross contaminate and we clean our tools as much as possible, but if you are highly allergic there is no guarantee that contamination hasn't occurred.
Feel free to email us with specific questions.

What's this whole NO BS bull-sh...?
Hey! We are so proud of our NO BS philosophy! Read about it clicking here.  

Are your products certified organic?
Body Stuff is not certified for the time being, but most of the ingredients in our formulas have the USDA organic approval and seal. Those that don't are either unavailable, or after long research we have discovered that such ingredients are not affected from harsh chemicals, or they come from small farms that although they practice organic farming can't afford the certification because of how costly it is.

In order to obtain the USDA certificate, yearly investments of thousands of dollars are required for each product. For this reason, as a small business, we have not been able to take this leap. Instead, we decided to educate our costumers and truly work on being as transparent with our choices as we can, operating as if we did have the certificate.

Where can I find your products?

  1. Always online.
  2. We sell to shops and boutiques, you con find a full list here. Don't see one close to you? If you can think of a shop that should carry our products let us know and we will reach out to them!
  3. We love participating at makers markets and events so you may spot us here and there from time to time.
  4. We often partner with wellness (and more) subscription boxes. 


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